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  people management  

Manpower supply and management is a multi-faceted task in which Springfield Services is industry leader.

For promotional campaigns for new products, new schemes, extra awareness through road shows and public exhibitions, we provide appropriate manpower to our corporate clients.

‘Lead generation activity’ is a concept evolved by us for the sake of our clients to help in their promotional activities. The concept helps us to prepare the runner boys to do effective campaigning through road shows. Through lead generation activities we teach the recruits basic lessons about the products to be promoted provide them the necessary uniform and train them on how to approach the target audience in a step by step manner and get them prepared for effective campaigning in product promotion.

The entire field force will be in our pay roll. We will pay them first and then collect the amount from our clients later on. 

We customize the entire operation and do things in accordance with the independent corporate clients’ needs and expectations.
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