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If the situation warrants, we call the customers to our doorstep, discuss with them and convince them about the need to comply with the agreement. Thus we see to it that the data is cleared forthwith.

We have also developed a software which provides access to the customers to verify their payment status on their own.

Bill collection:
We undertake bill collection through a team of people engaged by us. With effective monitoring and consistent follow-ups we are able to give a very satisfactory service to our clients.

Our team:
Many great things have been made possible in national as well as corporate histories around the world purely because of a flawless team work.

For any team to function properly, an effective leadership is required. Springfield Services is a gifted organization in this respect. The company’s Managing Director, is an embodiment of all best leadership qualities expected of a corporate head. Driven with a passion for absolute customer satisfaction, he instills that quality in each and every person in his team with the result, the members of the entire team work in perfect coordination with each other. This coordinated effort is reflected on the team’s performance in each one of its designated area of service.

Promises are given with a sense of commitment. Commitments translate into timely execution. A good execution results in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction begets more business...and the cycle goes on and on firmly establishing an enduring customer relationship.
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