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address and credit verification

Each company applies different yardsticks in the selection process when new candidates are selected for various post. Though the companies have their own mechanism through judge the candidates authenciety and real capabilities, there are chances of misjudging the candidates.

Springfield Services services thus extend its detective service in the matter of collecting a great information about the prospective recruits, their address and the data pertaining to their educational qualification, professional background and, is needed, their family background etc, will be collected and given to the companies so that they can have proper judgment of the person they intent to recruit. If a person has applied for loans, their proper address will be ascertained and credit worthiness evaluated properly. This data will help the finance company to decide about the fruitfulness or otherwise of sanctioning loans to such individuals.

His apart, over investigative wing stretches out its tentacles to business firms as well. He scout and collect information about the performance any company its payment practices their genueiety etc

All this information we help our client organization to safely plan their business dealings with them so that their (our clients) interest will be protected from all sides.
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